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20 October 10

Wednesday Night Gladness

Hello everyone,

It’s a cold Wednesday night in Suffolk tonight and we’ve almost finished the four days of rehearsals that are getting us tight for tour on Friday. Christian brought Maoam to band practice today, which was incredibly thoughtful of him. The second best thing about Maoam (after it’s deliciousness) is that the packaging is like fruit pornography:

Wild! It’s great that a cherry and whatever the fuck that is on the right can put aside their obvious differences and make love, and it’s just as great that the second cherry on the stalk doesn’t mind waiting around while his siamese twin gets happy. If you think this a one-off have a search on the internet and you’ll see heaps of pictures of that little green fellow carrying on like it’d be rude not to.

I’m gonna share some House Music with you guys right about now. It’s by Dj Jus Ed, this guy:

And it’s remixed by Levon Vincent. Just wait until the piano jumps you, it’s nice.

UPDATE: The little green fellow is a lime, just did some research and there’s some Daily Mail hate for the smut peddlers at Maoam here.