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24 February 11

A Day on Tour With the Cheek

The band are speeding along an anonymous motorway somewhere in the north of England, clustered round the table in the back of the van. A familiar debate rages.

RORY: I like cold showers, I really love how it just blasts you awake. It’s like a challenge to force yourself to stay under.

TOM: Nah! Hot showers! So hot you can’t stand it and it makes you skin go blotchy and you can’t think about anything else it’s so hot!

CHARLIE: I just tend to have warm showers, you know about 70% of the maximum heat. Just so it’s comfortable. I prefer to get my kicks outside the bathroom.

ALI: (says nothing and calmly stubs out his cigarette. He has heard this argument countless times before)

CHRISTIAN: Guys… who’s driving the van?


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